How does a Feature Workshop help define your Software Solution?

Welcome to the team

How Do You Practice Refactoring Code?

Teams That Finish Early

AppCon 2019

Can you create twice the value in half the time at scale?

The New Role of Business Analyst in Agile

Five steps to a better refinement meeting

What’s the Deal with AppSource? - Tips for publishing

Company Culture: The Invisible Hand

Azure Resource Naming Conventions - What's in a Name?

What goes in a good Definition of Done?

Scrum Master: What makes a great one?

AgileKit : Meet The Brand

Getting Knowledge Work to Done

Introducing CreativeMornings Birmingham

Commitment vs. forecast in Scrum

Azure Devops Build and Release Agents With Docker

Living out our purpose with Dream on 3

Agile Feedback from McLeod's Perspective

Environment settings in an Angular CI/CD build process

BridgingApps Helps Families in Texas with Transition Tool

Cosmos Graph DB Automation with Gremlin

The 'why' behind Sigao Studios

Getting into the Flow of the Holiday Season with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow

SQLSaturday #652 - "I Like Big Data" for $400 meets Atlanta, GA

Build a Better Developer Team by Increasing Employee Engagement Webinar

An Introduction to CosmosDB Graph API

The Agile Roundup #3 - It's All about the Scrum Master

The Agile Roundup #2 - Oh the Millennials!

Dynamics 365 – Trigger a plugin from a Business Process Flow

The Agile Roundup #1 - Employee Engagement and Self-Organization

Getting things to done

4 ways to attract and retain skilled software engineers

Interesting take on "definition of done"

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.

"I Like Big Data for $400" - Adding Azure Search to the DocumentDB stack - Part 3

"I Like Big Data for $400" - Implementing a Jeopardy! Question Explorer using DocumentDB, AzureSearch, Angular and Electron - Part 2

"I like big data for $400" - Implementing a Jeopardy! Question Explorer using DocumentDB, Azure Search, AngularJS and Electron - Part 1

The ultralight angular application setup package – Part 2: Build process for large applications

DocumentDB and Azure Search at a SQL Saturday in Birmingham, AL

Angular Object Validator: Enforcing object types in an Angular.js application

Your Employees Perceive Your Culture

INVEST in a New Perspective on Agile User Stories

5 things that are hurting your software estimation

How to Use AgileKit:Poker

Micromanagement (and its cousin)

A More Sophisticated Idea of What Leadership Is

The ultralight angular application setup package – Part 1: Four files to rule them all

ASP.NET Core and AngularJS - Part 2 - (Setup NPM, Bower, Gulp and IntelliSense)

Scrum and organizational culture

An AngularJS in ASP.NET Core Journey - Part 1 (Setup Visual Studio and .NET Core)


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