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How does a Feature Workshop help define your Software Solution?

How we refine your software solutions' needs, wants and expectations into a usable roadmap in just one day.

Our Feature Workshop is an interactive...

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Sigao workforce Team

Welcome to the team

Sigao recently grew in a couple of significant ways. Between August 10th and September 3rd we brought on a total of 6 new team members. Our...

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Agile Development

How Do You Practice Refactoring Code?

Refactoring legacy code can be daunting. While trial by fire is a great way to learn most kinds of programming, it doesn't leave a lot of room for...

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Teams That Finish Early

One of the sections I taught during my Scrum@Scale training was Scrum PLOP. Yeah it's a weird name, but it is an extremely helpful resource for...

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AppCon 2019

It's that time again!

The past few years, I've had the privilege of attending Act | The App Association's AppCon fly-in. AppCon is an opportunity...

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Can you create twice the value in half the time at scale?

It's a bold claim...follow this simple to learn process and you can create twice the work/value in half the time. In 2014, Dr. Jeff Sutherland...

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The New Role of Business Analyst in Agile

The toughest role to transition for an organization with a traditional waterfall structure is that of the business analyst (BA) because of the...

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Five steps to a better refinement meeting

Successful development demands efficient and effective communications. In Scrum, the backlog refinement process is integral to ensuring everyone...

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Dynamics 365 Dynamics CRM Microsoft app source AppSource

What’s the Deal with AppSource? - Tips for publishing

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Company Culture: The Invisible Hand

As more millennials and gen Zs join the workforce, companies are looking for new innovative ways to appeal to a changing working class. Some...

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