Azure DocumentDB Azure Search Speaking Events Web Development Azure Birmingham Electron AngularJS SQL Saturday

DocumentDB and Azure Search at a SQL Saturday in Birmingham, AL

This Saturday, March 18, 2017, SQL experts from throughout the United States will be arriving in Birmingham, AL to speak at SQL Saturday #593. SQL...

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TypeScript Web Development AngularJS Development Object Validation

Angular Object Validator: Enforcing object types in an Angular.js application

As anyone with JavaScript experience will tell you, occasionally the Wild West of coding languages falls a little short in critical areas by not...

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Culture Scrum Organizational Coaching Leadership

Your Employees Perceive Your Culture

This post from Vital Smarts is about how a personal brand relates to the perceptions of others. Your brand is co-created with your stakeholders and...

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INVEST product backlog item Scrum refinement User Story

INVEST in a New Perspective on Agile User Stories


If you’re familiar with agile software development, then it’s likely you are familiar with the “INVEST” mnemonic. INVEST criteria provide a...

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Planning Poker software estimation Agile Estimation Scrum

5 things that are hurting your software estimation

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Planning Poker Agile Estimation Estimation Poker Scrum AgileKit

How to Use AgileKit:Poker

Over the past month, the Sigao Studios team has been working on building AgileKit.IO, a suite of micro-tools designed to improve your agile team....

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November 21, 2016 No Comments

Scrum Coaching Leadership Traditional Management

Micromanagement (and its cousin)

Scrum derives much of its power from the effectiveness of self-directed teams.  When a strong team takes ownership of an issue, they feel compelled...

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Scrum Organizational Coaching Coaching Leadership Traditional Management

A More Sophisticated Idea of What Leadership Is

Tim Brown gives a great quote in a recent HBR podcast...
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Build Processes Gulp Web Development Node.JS AngularJS Bower.JS

The ultralight angular application setup package – Part 1: Four files to rule them all

In this tutorial I will be walking you through a means of rapid angular application setup. By the end you should be able to run a single command and...

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.NET Core Web Development Visual Studio 2015 AngularJS

ASP.NET Core and AngularJS - Part 2 - (Setup NPM, Bower, Gulp and IntelliSense)

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