Welcome to the team

Sigao recently grew in a couple of significant ways. Between August 10th and September 3rd we brought on a total of 6 new team members. Our development team now has two new members, Austin and Rich, along with two new developer interns, Joseph and Matthew, who are already diving right in with their first project. However, development wasn’t the only department with a few new faces, our marketing and sales department grew as well with the addition of our new marking associate, Myles, and Tj, our business development guru and resident British accent. Our interns and marketing associate came to us through our partnership with Central Six/Innovate Birmingham.

The expanded development staff has improved us in a number of ways.  For instance, teaching our processes to someone new is always extremely revealing. It's a great way to expose potential shortcomings - as well as other areas for improvement. We’ve found that teaching a subject multiple times forces us to deeply understand the subject matter and, as a result, highlights the areas that need improvement. The other side of this improvement is the feedback we get from the people being taught.  Historically, Sigao has insisted on diversity, which has provided us with highly valuable perspectives and opinions. Even when coming from some of our most junior members, getting questions from differing viewpoints often leads us to find additional ways of solving various problems.

Our sales and marketing team has (albeit, very loudly) enjoyed being able to bounce ideas around with new team members, as well. So much so that our available collaborative spaces are bursting at the seams. As with the developers, explaining our market proposition and how Sigao does business always presents opportunities to examine hidden assumptions. What has been the arguably the most exciting addition has been the department’s new weekly book club. What started out as a simple 30 minute overview has grown to an hour and a half long topic discussion in just the first month. It’s become the department’s most valuable ideation session and has helped us to refine the company voice and fully express our vision to the world.  While Sigao leadership will always be involved in service delivery and sales, the addition of experience in all these areas has helped us overcome previous roadblocks and think about new ways we can help clients to innovate and grow.

In our profession the people you work with can make or break the work environment and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we got extremely lucky with the people we added to the team.



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